About Us

Dominique Scaife Kool Image Dolls Zuri and Nia

Established in 2020 Kool Image Dolls® is a family-owned black woman lead business created by sculptor Dominique Scaife. When the Kool Image Dolls® family thinks about childhood, we think of the innocence, joy, and big imaginations of kids. Our designs, dolls, and content reflect the best imagery and statements purposefully created to uplift our children from a young age. We know that what you wear, watch, and play with should make you feel good about yourself! 

 Through our dolls, our clothing, and our Kool Image Dolls Video series our mission is "Positive Self-Identity Play" & "Positive Self-Identity Engagement". Kool Image Dolls® aims to affirm and reinforce to children of color how beautiful they are, how important they are, how creative they are, how much they matter, and that they too can do and be anything that they desire!

Our dolls are designed with little black girls in mind, from hair to toe. Our founder Dominique Scaife worked tirelessly with manufacturers to innovate the doll industry, demanding a change in how black dolls are perceived. With the launch of our small business, we aim to put an end to the generational frustration of not having childhood dolls that are truly relatable and representative.